Health Risks Associated with Toenail Fungus

Published: 21st August 2009
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While having a toenail fungus infection won't end your life, it can cause problems that will effect your daily life. When you discover a toenail fungus infection early, consider the following

Treatment of toenail fungus is Vital to Prevent Spreading

Toenail Fungus Treatments Become Less Effective - The worst thing you can do with this type of infection is to not treat it immediately. Toenail fungal infections don't go away without any treatment, and they only get worse as time passes. This is because the toenail fungus that causes this condition lives off of the cells of the foot and toenail, so it is always able to feed, along with a perfect breeding ground inside the shoes and socks.

The method of treatment depends on the duration of your toenail infection. Toenail fungus caught early can be treated with oral and topical cures. If you wait too long, the fungus may have grown too deep to be cured topically, leaving an oral remedy as your only option. When suffering from a late stage infection, it is best to see a doctor for prescription cures.

Untreated Toenail Fungus Can Spread - With a bad toenail fungus infection, it can spread to other toenails of the foot. Worse yet, it can become very easy for the toenail fungus to spread to others if you share anything that touches feet, mainly showers and shoes.

Conditions Caused by Toenail Fungus - Without treatment and after enough time, a toenail fungal infection will lead the infected toenail to deform and become painful. As toenail fungus spreads, the toenail thickens and it causes painful pressure within the toe. In a few instances, this deformation can lead to ulcers, sores or an ingrown toenail. This allows for other types of infections to occur, such as skin infection or Athlete's foot.

After a certain period, it can become difficult to run and walk. Moving requires the toes to be functional, and every step can be painful. The problem is even worse if the toenail fungus has caused sores or ulcers.

More Complications with the Elderly and Diabetics - Older people are more exposed to medical complications, like skin inflammation, when they have toenail infections. People with diseases that affect blood flow and diabetics can see an increase in limitations with their limbs.

Self-Esteem Worsens - Toenail fungus can do a number on your self-esteem. Even though the toenail fungal is not uncommon (44% of people with toenail fungus admit that it has a bad effect on self-esteem), it feels like you are the sole person in the world that suffers. Sandals, swimming, and everything that involves showing your feet becomes a chore.

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